SudokuQ covers varied difficulty levels. You can play any time and anywhere.
Playing SudokuQ can relieve you from work stress and sharpen your mind, especially good for the elderly.
With SudokuQ's beautifully designed UI and simple rules but countless variations, it is sure to bring you a whole new SudokuQ experience.
SudokuQ offers the Adults and Kids mode. Kids mode is the best for children to play.
For more fun and better learning experience, Kids mode not only applies numbers, but varied pictures and patterns.
The left brain involves logical and analytical thinking whereas the right brain controls creativity and imagination. Some experts in education fields believe that children playing SudokuQ may become more logical and analytical.

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(This app is for Chinese mantras reciting only)

Can't find a good mantra reciting app or don't know how to meditate with the help of reciting mantras?

With the fine display of fonts, this app provides you with the best mantra reciting experience. It guides you at every chapter and verse. It is very helpful for those beginners who can't catch up or are often lost in hard copies when reciting.

It helps you with Location guidance, Auto page turning, Font size adjustment, and especially Page linking. The last line on every page will appear on the first line of the next page. So, it can largely overcome viewing problems of following verses.

There are even more details in the app waiting for you to experience.

It provides modes both on smart phones and tablets. Such a convenient app surely will be very helpful for meditation practice.

It is free to download and the best recommendation for mantras reciting app on the market.

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The Great Compassion Mantra (female voice) and Picture Gallery

This application provides a mantra of the great compassion prayer sung by a woman.

The picture gallery contains 88 beautiful pictures. Both pictures and music are synced by default, or you can manually control by swiping the screen.